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<pre><code>feuille(1) BIN.HEIMDALL.PM feuille(1)
NAME - socket-based pastebin
&lt;command&gt; | nc 9999
&lt;command&gt; | torsocks nc \
wvahkfxtvkim44a2ynkhf5b5rtvpyqgxxvnbn2kowg6eplagtugxvuid.onion 9999
Pastes are kept 7 days on the server
1MiB max per paste
IPs are *not* logged
No illegal stuff (please)
This is a TCP socket-based pastebin, which means anything that
can send text to a TCP socket works. See OPTIONS for a list of
available software. Choose your weapon wisely.
nc: By far the most popular and is installed by default on most
systems, but lacks some features. Will make you wait some
time before getting the link to your paste.
ncat: More featureful. Will not make you wait for the link since
it closes the connection once all the data has been sent.
Works the exact same way as nc.
&lt;<a href="data:text/html,<form action=&quot;; method=&quot;POST&quot; accept-charset=&quot;UTF-8&quot; enctype=&quot;text/plain&quot;><textarea name=&quot;paste&quot; cols=&quot;70&quot; rows=&quot;30&quot;></textarea><br><button type=&quot;submit&quot;>send paste</button></form>">this form</a>&gt;: In case you don't have any access to a terminal or
if your firewall blocks port 9999. Not really flexible, can't
send encrypted pastes by itself, but at least you'll be able
to use your browser for this.
Sending pastes:
$ echo "Hello, World!" | nc 9999
$ cat file.txt | nc 9999
Sending encrypted pastes:
$ cat sekrit.txt | gpg -cao tmp.pgp
$ cat tmp.pgp | nc 9999
Sending pastes through Tor:
$ echo "Hello, Tor!" | torsocks nc \
wvahkfxtvkim44a2ynkhf5b5rtvpyqgxxvnbn2kowg6eplagtugxvuid.onion 9999
Getting pastes:
$ curl
Hello, World!
Getting encrypted pastes:
$ curl | gpg -d
da super sikret
Put those into your ~/.{ba,z,k}shrc:
alias pst="nc 9999"
alias spst="gpg -cao tmp.pgp && cat tmp.pgp \
| nc 9999 && rm tmp.pgp"
Now you can do:
$ cat file.txt | pst
$ cat encrypted.txt | spst
Made with *feuille* &lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;
Inspired by *fiche* &lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;
and *sprunge* &lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;