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Chez Scheme Version 9.5.9
Copyright 1984-2022 Cisco Systems, Inc.
This product includes code developed by Cisco Systems, Inc.
This product also includes separately copyrighted:
* Unicode data files from the Unicode Consortium
* Unicode data-file processing code developed by Abdulaziz Ghuloum and
R. Kent Dybvig
* sorting code developed by Olin Shivers
* example programs, an html formatting module, and documentation
support files developed by R. Kent Dybvig
* test code and other code used for testing developed by
William D Clinger, by Dirk Lutzebaeck, and by Oscar Waddell and
R. Kent Dybvig.
* code derived from C. David Boyer's command-line editor
Builds of this product incorporate separately copyrighted code from:
* the Nanopass Infrastructure, developed by Dipanwita Sarkar,
Andrew W. Keep, R. Kent Dybvig, and Oscar Waddell
* the Zlib compression library, developed by Jean-loup Gailly and
Mark Adler
* the LZ4 compression library, developed by Yann Collet and