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[cgi/](https://basedwa.re/tmtt/feuille/src/branch/main/cgi) and
* A list of aliases for your users' `~/.{ba,z,k}shrc`
* A CGI script that lets the user send pastes directly from your
* A sample HTML form for your CGI script
* A cron job that deletes expired pastes
* A cron job that runs **feuille** at startup
* A SystemD service file
* An OpenRC service file
* Lots of options (see [configuration](#configuration))
* Works on nearly all POSIX-compliant OSes
@ -231,19 +233,37 @@ either on your computer by doing `man feuille` or on the
### How do I make feuille run at startup?
You can put that in your crontab (by doing `sudo crontab -e`).
It will start **feuille** every time the system starts.
No need for some fancy service file :DDD
We made some service files for that.
#### SystemD
to your liking and copy it to `/etc/systemd/system/feuille.service`.
Want to stop feuille? `pkill feuille` will do the job.
Then, do (as root):
# systemctl daemon-reload
# systemctl enable feuille
# systemctl start feuille
@reboot feuille -U https://my.paste.bin
#### OpenRC
into `/etc/rc.d/feuille`.
Then, do (as root):
# rcctl enable feuille
# rcctl set feuille flags -U https://my.paste.bin
# rcctl start feuille
if you'd like to download the cron job.
Tweak the flags to your liking.
### How do I remove expired pastes after some time?

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@reboot feuille -U https://my.paste.bin