Collection of my configurations for FreeBSD, and OpenBSD
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These are my dotfiles, I use them on 2 systems primarily. My Librebooted Thinkpad x200 running OpenBSD, and my desktop FreeBSD machine. I use xterm, cwm, Bash, and GNU Emacs. You'll find my configurations for both OpenBSD and FreeBSD in their respective folders.


100% of my development happens with my minimal GNU Emacs setup. I develop mostly using OCaml, Ruby, Scala, Perl, and C, among others. These languages influence my dotfiles quite heavily and you may have troubles copying my setup if you plan to use other languages. I do my best to 'de-bloat' and update this repository as frequently as possible.


OpenBSD setup, using GNU Emacs, and RXVT Unicode. OpenBSD Screenshot

FreeBSD setup using GNU Emacs, and XTerm. FreeBSD Screenshot