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whotookelburg 369a66073b sum stuff :3 3 months ago
whotookelburg aaa9eb154c Merge branch 'master' of https://basedwa.re/elburg/sts
oops i need to do shit
3 months ago
whotookelburg 8f0b94bd6c sorry im too tired to write a git log so just know that i did some shit to sts okay? thanks! <3 3 months ago
whotookelburg b201dbfc75 some stuff :3
adding support for text / terminal browsers
redone some strings
3 months ago
elburg 0b6425dd02 Delete '.replit'
fuck you replit
4 months ago
elburg b9f3f723fc Delete 'replit.nix'
removing replit shit
4 months ago
whotookelburg 97295fce69 updated gitignore 4 months ago
whotookelburg aea5136ef5 yayy new stuffs 4 months ago
whotookelburg 443887dc10 more shit 4 months ago
elburg 3d93375bf4 gitignore 4 months ago
whotookelburg 4d5c298519 first commit 4 months ago
elburg 55ca4dba84 Initial commit 4 months ago